Print Your Own Tickets


Do you need to print tickets for your organization?  Pancake breakfast?  Spaghetti Dinner?  Crab Feed? Talent Show? School play? Want the tickets to be individually numbered for accountability, or door prize drawings, or some other purpose?


I will provide complete instructions for printing your own event tickets on easily available business card forms such as Avery #5371 (each sheet will have 5 rows of 2 tickets, each ticket 2” x 3.5”).  You will need Microsoft Word. Numbering is easier if you have Excel, but can be done without it.  Samples are included that you can easily modify using Word’s global replace function (see Figure 1 below), but instructions are also provided for generating your own tickets ‘from scratch.’ This will allow you to design tickets to fit any paper stock you may want to use. Note that the ticket number appears twice, once vertically at the edge of the ticket, and once horizontally at the bottom.  “How-to” instructions will let you place the numbers wherever you want, horizontal or vertical, and you can remove either one (or both) if you choose.

Figure 1: Sample TicketThe process uses Word’s mail merge function to insert the numbers – create one sheet of tickets, using a merge field for the numbers, and then use the mail merge to print the tickets -- starting from any number you wish, up to whatever number you want to end with.  If you want to print numbers 101 to 250 today, and 251 to 300 tomorrow (or next week) because sales are booming, that’s easy to do.

Customization instructions are included for modifying the samples or creating new forms to fit any stock you may wish to use to print your tickets.



Figure 1: Sample ticket


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You may download the complete set of files here.


I have provided sample files and complete instructions in a zip file, nothing is disabled or limited. If you decide the information is useful to you, I request a shareware fee of $10.00 after you decide that what I sent is worth it. Payments can be made through Paypal to or by US Mail at the address above.